People expect to see commercials on their television—but on their personal, curated social media feeds, it feels intrusive, so we decided to use Twitter just like our audience. We don’t worry too much about formality, we don’t overuse hashtags like an out of touch Aunt, and we eschew the idea that brand tweets have to use proper punctuation, grammar, or even spelling. We realize that sometimes just joking around with your audience yields a much better brand affinity than trying to get people to retweet a discount code.

But it’s one thing to mimic the platform and another to genuinely join it and be respected for it.

We asked ourselves, “what components of Twitter are really, truly…us?” Well, Twitter goes non-stop around the clock, just as we’re open 24 hours a day, so we want to keep that irreverent social commentary the platform is known for going, like late night conversations in our diner. We react to real events that users care about with our own take, in real time. We have an opinion, we aren’t just piggybacking trends.

And we have a fresh voice to boot. If you’ve ever been eating in a diner after midnight, you know things get a little punchy and out-there. Twitter is perfect for that. So our tone and style of comedy lean in a weird, playful, sometimes bonkers direction.

It’s easy to tell how well it's been working. Just look at the countless brands trying to do the same thing, and yet, they seem to still have not cracked that egg.

Denny’s knows a thing or two about cracking eggs.