Denny’s has garnered a lot of attention for their unique voice on social media; a voice that might not be all that different from a group of high school friends in a Denny’s booth at 1am.


Incorporating a playful mix of pop culture, internet memes and trending news, Denny’s voice is always fun and almost always slightly off-center, especially on Twitter and Tumblr. So much so that if you look through the replies to any of Denny’s content you will almost always see fans asking, “are you ok?” or “WTF”. Given how much they're asked, Denny’s wanted a fun way to respond, so they created a simple website with the answer -

By only sharing the site a handful of times Denny's has been able to keep the gag fresh. Since launching the site in June of 2017 it has gained over 236,000 visits. And with replies of "are you ok" still rolling in, they expect the visits to keep growing.