When you develop an iconic dish like the Grand Slam, it’s only a matter of time before the individual food items are brought to life in a web series. And that’s exactly what went down with The Grand Slam. Episode after episode, Bacon, Sausage, Egg and Pancake made us chuckle with their breakfast-flavored antics.

It was fun, but we still felt as though something were missing…  

Then it clicked. Breakfast foods don’t belong on a plate, or trapped within the confines of online video content. No, breakfast needs to be LIVE. Facebook Live to be more specific. But bringing animated characters to that format was no easy feat. Especially when it had never been done before. In a live show, anything can go wrong, so we had to do it right.

And after 500 hours of developing, coding and testing, we were finally ready to animate digital food in real time.

Custom software recognized the voice of our actor, then instantly selected the proper mouth position for Pancake. At the same time, three separate puppeteers each with their own 10-input controller, made him smile, blink, point and anything else they could think of. The result? We created the first Facebook Live puppet animation ever, where audiences tuned in to win sweet Denny’s SWAG. In fact, Facebook was so impressed, they even contacted us to ask how we did it. 

We didn’t tell them though.

A diner never reveals its secrets.