There was a time when brands having a true grasp on social media was a rarity—a pleasant surprise, really. Denny’s was there, at the forefront, leading social advertising with one pretty simple advantage: not sounding like a brand on social media.

Through a consistent tone, and a master grasp of the nuances between each social platform, we stayed true to our simple creed: social media is for the people, so use it like the people. And in a world of constant mayhem and surprise, a consistent confidence on social is truly something to behold. It’s not easy being the gold standard for this long, but we don’t mind ;)


Having a personality on Twitter means having an opinion, which we do. Add to that an ability to react in real-time faster and funnier than most other brands, and we’re really cooking. 



Our oddball approach was so refreshing that we didn’t just build a following, we built a fandom - where people respect our offbeat blog and don’t consume it as advertising.


We took our time to develop our Instagram strategy, which is a mix of the platforms tenants and our own signature style. With our follower growth ballooning 130% over the past year, we’d say our approach has paid off.

🎶Rudolph the Bread-Nosed Reindeer 🎶

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Take cough syrup if you have a cough. Take maple syrup if you have the maples.

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Nothing says, “Welcome home for the Holidays” like a good ‘ol spaghetti wreath on the front door.

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YOLK SERIES 7 custom spinner.

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Impressions, engagement, retweets, likes... those are all great success metrics for a social platform, but does any of that actually move the needle? Yep.